I have slept in 28 different countries. Listened to “Despacito” 1,465,503,846 times. Vomited in eight different cities. Melbourne is the last one I did this. That might not be the best way to start a farewell post but when you are not able to breath and you think you are gonna die overseas its an awful felling that last for lifetime.

Of the English speaking countries I have been, Australia is my favorite. Its like England without the shitty weather. Its like USA without Donald Trump. Its like Canada without the snow. Its like Ireland without the elves.

With most things in life, you know exactly what benefits you’re going to get from them. If I go running, I know I’m going lose weight. If I start a new book, I know I’m not going to sleep for the next three days until I finish it. But living overseas is different. Living abroad, unlike anything else in life, has the beautiful power to give you benefits you didn’t expect. It doesn’t just teach you what you don’t know, it also teaches you what you don’t know you don’t know.

I gained a lot of amazing friends from my travels, amazing experiences I expected and looked for. I saw INCREDIBLE SITES (Melbourne grafities were stunning). I learned about Australia history and other foreign cultures. But the most important effects of my year in Australia are actually the benefits that I didn’t even know I would get and the memories I didn’t know I would have.

For instance, the most pronounced improvement one feels when they live overseas extensively is what a friend of mine refers to as the altitude effect.

In sports, putting oneself at higher and higher altitudes becomes more difficult. It takes the body time to condition itself to the new altitude and make do with the less oxygen.

Then when returning to sea level, they find that what they used to believe was difficult has actually become much easier, without them being conscious of it. The same effect happens with your confidence and self-assurance when you are far from your place.
Living and traveling for extensive periods of time in other countries and cultures exposes you to hundreds of tiny stressful situations. Not knowing anyone and having to make new friends again and again, the awkward conversations through language barriers, making a fool of yourself or accidentally offending someone because of cultural differences, the attention you must pay to your safety. I could go on forever here.

I have a tough bittersweet taste cause I miss Mexico but I will miss Melbourne as well.

Thanks to my Drummond St family (I really love you guys), my coworkers, my classmates, my language exchange friends (many of you made me felt as a miserable dick when i noticed you were able to speak at least four languages), my beautiful tinderellas and the assholes who stood in my way, they made me a better person.
It might sound kinda cheesy but I wont see many of you never again but memories remains until my last day.

Now it´s time to come back to my place and then keep traveling around the world. If someday you are in Mexico City and want to grab some beer and TACOS just shout.

Thanks fellas or if you prefer like aussies say: CHEERS MATES.

I love Melbourne for good.

PS 1: Kangaroos pictures are mainstream and overrated but tell me when you have seen a kangaroo orgy.

PS 2: I hate farewell parties.